“Xū Yú”—a fleeting moment":

2018-03-24 - 2018-04-24

Cipa gallery is pleased to present the first group exhibition of 2018 “Xū Yú”—a fleeting moment" . The exhibition will continue for one month. Curated by Li Lin and include 5 artists like Fu Shuai, Liu Boda, Shen Linghao, Zhu Chen ,Zuo Yue. A public opening reception for the artists will be held on Saterday, March 24, 3 p.m.

Catching something seemingly ambiguous unknown from its own in a moment as if peeping at the kaleidoscopic world from an offbeat angle through the kaleidoscope——hold your breath,slow down the fleeting moment and find the slightest traces between things. Such traces are extremely suspicious, but credible as well. The balance spot found by things when the state spans two terminals of either-or would be the position of themselves. Xū Yú refers in particular to the subtle space in which things reach a certain state within a short time. In this exhibition, there may not be a long-planned logical explanation,nor the innovation way of exhibition. We just try to create a seemingly innocuous exhibit field which would neither emphasize the display effect, the corresponding relationship between works nor the connection between space and works.

Based on the multi-dimensional view of things, artists want to find clues to their own. Their visual output may be just too close (or distant) to popular form, but they have made such an effort to resist collective inertia thinking to a large extent. Such output also becomes a processed material and conspires with audiences to create an information integration of the links between individual thinking collective thinking. As a result, neither the similarity of form nor the visual aesthetic would be a problem.

The artists in this exhibition express words such as feeling, history, attitude, strong, weak, tiny and sensibility form their respective angels. Afterwards, these linguistic symbols form a lyrical expression which actually could be seen as the result of sharp thinking. The way along with such expression also reversely refracts the multi meanings of the result, thereby weakening the expression pattern of the figure-based utterance. Although some works seem vague, upside down and incoherent, through the dynamic self-logic, the materials which are able to be intercepted and diverted are founded by the attitude comes from individual experience in macro to micro narrative. It can be seen in most of the works that as the artists' own creative material, it is those trivial but great historical themes, can be re-recognized under the modification of life aesthetics.